How to Text Watermark an image

In this section describes a short tutorial How to  text watermark an image using Image Overlay Merge and Watermark Software.

Follow tutorial 1 to overlay an image, after you complete the overlay process do the following:
Step 1:
Check “Insert text on image” and type your text as shown belowStep1 Watermark

Step 2:
Click on “Select Font” and select “Arial” – Size “36” as shown below:

Step 2 Watermark

Step 3:
Select the ”Font Color” as shown below:

Step 3 Watermark

All should now look as below:

Step 3b watermark

Step 4:
Click on the “Watermark” button, you should now see the watermark displayed as shown below

Step 4 Watermark


Step 5:
Use the track bars to position the watermark as shown below