Stamp Date Time File name on photos

Stamp Date Time File name on photos

Use image date time file name stamp software to print the date and time or the file name or simple water mark on your photosbuynow

Below is a summary of features:
1. Drag and drop images or photos into to the software list box, select a location to save produced images and operation mode and you are ready to go.
2. Watermark your photos with your own text.
3. Stamp photos with Time and Date, various setting combinations available: date and time created, data and time taken, date and time now, time and date created, time and date taken, time and date now, date created, date taken, date now, time create, time taken and time now.
4. Stamp images with image file name. This feature uses the image system file name to stamp your image. So whatever your image is called it will stamp it with its name.
5. Choose between American date format “MM/DD/YYYY” or Standard format “DD/MM/YYYY”
6. Ability to resize images.
7. Ability to compress photos to reduce their size and save space on your desk.
8. Process one image or a batch of images in one go.
9. Change font size and colour for any stamp or text.
10. Support the following file formats (“.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.bmp”, “.png”, “.tif”)

In order for this software to stamp the date and time on your photos the files must be extracted from your digital camera or mobile phone first, your files need to be in jpg or jpeg format and carry the date and time properties (All cameras and mobile phones have this setup when the photo is generated)

System Requirements

Image Date Time File name Stamp needs the following system requirements to run:
1. Microsoft Windows operating system
2. 64 MB RAM
3. 10 MB free disk space
4. Dot Net 4.0 Framework


You can download a demo version from the link below

Click here to download

Demo version is limited to up to 5 images/photos in the batch mode and will watermark your generated picture with a demo version text

Screen shot

image date time stamp software
Main screen

Video Demonstration