How to overlay an image – Image Overlay

This is a short tutorial on how to do an Image Overlay using Image Overlay Merge and Watermark Software.

Step 1:
Click in the “Settings” tab and ensure that setting is as shown belowOverlay an Image


Click on “Browse” button to open the files dialog as shown below:Overlay an Image 2

Browse to the “Tutorials” folder and select to open the image as shown belowOverlay an Image3

Step 3:
Click on “Select Image Mask” and Scroll down the list box to select “Templates-53.gif”Overlay an Image 4

Click “Close” button

Step 4:
Click on “Overlay” button to overlay the imagesOverlay an Image

You can save the image using “Save Image” button

Click on the “Save Image” button and same the resulting image with a new nameOverlay an Image 5

The image will be saved with the original dimensions, in this case (1024 x 768), to change this all you need to do is go back to step 1, and change the settings to “Resize image” enter the size you want, and Re-save the image.