How to add Image Borders

In this section describes a short tutorial of How to add image borders using Image Overlay Merge and Watermark Software.

Step 1:
Click on the “Settings” tab and ensure the settings are as below:

Select “Setting 3”
How to Add a Border step 1

Click on “Select Color” button and select “Red color” Click “OK” button and Enter a border thickness of “50”. All should now appear as below:

Add a Border 2

Step 2:
Tab into the “Single image mode” , click on the “Browse” button and select the image as shown below – “Images are present under the Tutorials folder present in the software default installation folder”.Step 2 How to add a border

Click on “Open”

Step 3:
All now should appear as below

Step 3 How to add a Border

Click on the “Overlay” button and the result should be displayed as below

How to add a border- final stage