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One Simple Image Compressor

free image compression software

One Simple Image Compressor is a free image compression software that allows you to compress your images with ease. The software will compress your bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, ico, emf, wmf, png, tif, tiff, and exif image files to save space and be more productive. The images are compressed to acceptable quality level and size. The software also allows you to resize any image and will give you a flexible option to compress your jpg files to any quality compression level ranging from 20% to 90%.

Below are the main features:
• Insert multiple format images. bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, ico, emf, wmf, png, tif, tiff, and exif
• Re-size images for saving or keep original size of processed image.
• Process multiple images in one go with batch processing feature

Below is a screen shot of the main window:

Free image compression software
Free image compression software

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You can use this software in combination with Image Overlay Merge and watermark or Image watermark software to reduce the size of the image you need to process before introducing it to any of the previously mentioned products.  This product is also useful if you are building a website and planing to have a photo gallery hosted on the website, you always need to compress your images and reduce their size before uploading them to your website. This is important because anyone want to visit your website doesn’t want to wait too long for you images to load. It can deter people sometimes and make them leave a website that may will have good content on it. in general pictures that are generated from digital cameras are large in size, normally greater then 1 MB can be reduced and compressed using this free image compression software.

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