Frequently Asked Questions

Software doesn’t respond when I try to process a watermark

Sometimes images can be too large in size for example (images from a digital camera), because the image is too large windows freezes during the process causing non responsive action, this issue is rather related to Windows RAM being consumed because of the large picture being processed and also other software running at the same time. The recommendation to fix issues like this, is normally compress the image before watermarking, you can do this using a software such as image optimiser.  Once the image is optimised/reduced in size you can use the software to watermark it and resize it.

To optimise your image before using Image overlay, merge and watermark please download One simple image compressor tool from this page

I can’t overwrite an image?

This is a safety feature in the software in case something goes wrong and you need to re-watermark or modify an image. You will need to save the new image in another location.

You will not be able to overwrite the original image, as the software is still using it and windows will not release it until the software is finished with it. Once this done you can delete the older images.

How to use tutorials:

One simple image watermark

Image overlay merge and watermark