How to watermark images

How to watermark photos using One Simple Image Watermark Software

This tutorial uses one simple image watermark software to batch watermark images in few seconds. A good start to know how to watermark your photos and images

How to watermark?

Single image watermark and Batch Watermark Software

Using one simple image watermark you can follow the simple steps below and in no time you should have all your images / photos watermarked

Step 1:

Click on the “Settings” tab and ensure the settings are as below:

image watermark setting tutorial screen 1

Step 2:

Click on “Batch Mode” tab and make sure all looks as below

image watermark batch mode

1. Click Browse to load files and select all the images in the tutorial folder as shown on the screen shot below
2. Select where you want to save the processed images

Click on “Browse to Load files” then select the images in the Tutorial folder as shown below & open

images to watermark

Click on “Select Saving Location” button and select where you want to save the generated files, you can create a new folder on your desktop and save all generated files in the new folder.
Step 3:
Check “Insert text on image” and enter a text

Watermark size

Step 4:

Click on the blue message (can be seen in the screen above) to show the preview window

Step 5:

Double Click inside the Preview window to position the watermark. By default the preview window will display the first image on your list.

Please note: the position of the watermark will be the same for all images processed.


sample image watermark


Step 6:

Click on “Process Batch” button to process all the pictures.

Note that all the images would have the watermark in the same position you assigned. The process should completer in few seconds however depending on the number of images you are processing it can take few minutes. This software allows you to change the speed of processing each image. The default processing time is 2 seconds per image.

This conclude the How to watermark tutorial

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